6 Food Trends for 2020

With every new year comes a new set of food trends, but what culinary treats are en-vogue for 2020? Take a look at our top six predictions below…

Plant Based Foods

We’ve written before about the rise of the vegan, and as more and more people become aware of not only the health benefits of switching to a plant based diet, but the environmental impact of doing so as well, this trend is looking to get even bigger in 2020.

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Advances in food technology are allowing for more realistic, meat-like products to be aimed at even the staunchest of carnivores. Expect ‘bleeding’ meatless burgers, plant based fried chicken and even fish and chips made from banana blossom.


Snatching the crown from kale as the reigning superfood, kelp is high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and is one of the only plants that contains iodine. Kale, or seaweed, comes in many different variations and is available in dried form, seasoning flakes and crisps!

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There is even evidence that the nutritional properties of kelp can help to aid with weight loss, as the iodine content combines with tyrosine (an amino acid) to create T3 and T4, which are thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism.

Puffed Snacks

Made from ingredients such as beetroot, kale, chickpeas and quinoa, the air content of puffed snacks means that they are a lighter choice than crisps, and for this reason they are becoming increasingly trendy among health food enthusiasts.

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Widely available in supermarkets, health food stores and even pubs, could it be possible that this healthier option means the end for crisps?

Growing Your Own

With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of where their food comes from, the environmental impact transporting it has, and the pesticides and chemicals used in the growing process, more and more of us are making the effort to grow our own produce.

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Not only does growing your own reduce your use of single-use plastic, but it’s actually really easy and can even be achieved in smaller spaces with the use of containers. It also tastes much better too!

CBD Cuisine

Cannabidiol is a chemical found in cannabis plants that is set to be a big food trend for 2020. Don’t be alarmed though, CBD is only one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant and, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol / THC, it is non psycho-active and cannot get you high!

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CBD has become extremely fashionable over the past 12 months and it’s not looking to go away anytime soon, with food companies adding it to products including hummus, brownies and even beer.

Zero Alcohol Drinks

The health risks of alcohol have long been known, and in a positive move there are now hundreds of non-alcoholic alternatives available including beers, wines and spirits.

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Lower in sugar and calories than traditional alcoholic beverages, these delicious drinks are becoming an increasingly popular choice in restaurants and as an adult alternative at parties.

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